Accord of Crystals History

Crystals are here to serve us.

By: Catherine Bowman

Actually, the same could be said about most in the elemental kingdom besides crystals. Crystals can
heal, protect, store images and thoughts, rid the body of negative energies, and more. Every culture has stories of people who used crystals -- from Europe it is the wizard whose staff was often topped with a crystal, from the Americas it is medicine man with a crystal used to heal, and from the Middle East a mystic who uses a crystal on a staff to bring needed rains.

Accord of Crystals also follows the vision of a traditional healer who saw a world where all were of the same family without any thoughts of color, religion, or place of birth. It will happen when enough people have a personal crystal. This will cause the Earth could return to its original balanced state. Join us and get a crystal today

The Healers Vision

Sometime ago a traditional healer had a vision. He saw a world free of the hatreds caused by
differences of color, religion, and place of birth. What had brought this about? Why had the Earth
returned to its original balanced state? One of the keys he was told was the power of crystals. As more people would find and keep a personal quartz crystal, they would not only be protected, but they would become balanced. When enough people were balanced, the Earth itself would return to balance. If part of the answer was so simple the healer thought, he would help. The healer began to buy quartz crystals. He would cleanse them, charge them, fill them with images of a balanced Earth, and then give them someone whose personality matched the crystal's.

This healer's vision is not unique. Michael G. Smith describes how his great grandfather who was a
Cheyenne medicine man and "didn't distinguish between red and white men" because his great
grandfather knew of the prophecies of his people which told of a day when all peoples would recognize each other as "brothers." This would happen in North America because Earth Mother would influence the people living there to "evolve" into "real people." One wonderful way the Earth Mother can influence people is to give them her crystals and her treasures from the elemental kingdom.

Caring for Your Crystals

Caring for your crystal(s) is easy. Treat it as you would any new addition to your family. Remember
it has been literally torn apart from its family of other crystals. Keep it wrapped in any natural materialsuch as silk, cotton, wool, or leather. If your crystal came in one of the brocade pouches, they are all natural. If your crystal came in one of the velour pouches, it may have been sewn with synthetic thread or the velour itself may be a synthetic material. It is also a good idea to put your crystal in place it where it can get direct sunlight every few months. Crystals love the warm bright sunshine and are recharged by it. It should not be necessary to cleanse your crystal, but if you feel it needs to be cleansed, do it in running water. In a pinch, this could just be water running from a faucet. If in a stream, river or creek, leave the crystal under the water for at least twenty-four hours. The reason a crystal may need cleansing is that it was handled by someone whose personality (vibrations) do not agree with the crystal's. It is always best not to share your crystal with anyone, even your mate.