Have you ever heard of the Church of Christ?

More specifically the London or Boston Church of Christ?

Note from Michael: The following is the writings of a close friend of mine who was a member of
this organization for some time. He has now left and continues to attempt to persuade others to
not become involved. Thank you for reading this and daring to expose yourself to the truth.

You or a friend may have been approached by a member of the International Churches of Christ (Boston
Movement). These churches are different from the traditional Churches of Christ in that they practice full blown
mind control, take complete control of your life, damage your relationship with your family, and take huge amounts
of your money and time, and believe that they are the only true Christians on the planet and thus the only ones
going to heaven.

The "church" is really a cult carefully masquerading behind the church front. Members don't know this, will
vehemently deny it and use any accusation of being cultic as a springboard for recruitment. Brainwashing has this
effect on people. The church that you will be invited to if you are recruited will be called the B/CS Church of Christ Jesus orsomething similiar (San Antonio Church of Christ, Kansas City Church of Christ, NYC Church of Christ, Little
Rock Church of Christ Jesus etc...) If you are not invited directly to a service of the entire church you may be
invited to a BibleTalk. There are other non-denominational Bible studies out there, but only one group has
BibleTalks. Be afraid.... be very afraid. Another recruiting vehicle used by the church are simple social gatherings like volleyball games, parties etc. Ifsomeone you don't know randomly invites you to a party, start asking some questions. IF you go, chances are that you'll be one of only a handful of non-members and that it will be a recruitment attempt on the part of the church.

My friend that wrote the above account of the truth of this organization was a member of the
Dallas/Fort Worth Church of Christ Jesus and has since discovered the truth behind the mind
control, brainwashing and corruption that pervades all levels of the oppressive power structure. If
someone you know is involved in this group or if you are just curious and want more
information, his family, friends and himself are willing to help you. Send my friend email at
iec0001@jove.acs.unt.edu, his father, Gene, at e-charleton@tamu.edu, Kyle V. Degge at
freendeed@aol.com, or Christy Cole at cmc0001@jove.acs.unt.edu. All of them are willing and
able to help you, either with answers, or helping you to find the truth behind the facade.

If you would like to email myself, Michael Davis, please return to my base page at TAMU to find out more about
me, or email me directly. I was not a member of this organizations, however, I post this information as a public
service and in support of my friend who was.

For more information related to these Churches of Christ; the international Movement variety, check out the
following WebSites:
'Triumphing Over London Cults'
The Boston Movement; why its a cult The International Churches of Christ; one former members depiction of the
reality. Steven Rauch; former member; much info here.